During Maths this week we have been learning with Numicon. This a really visual way of learning about number.  This week we have been learning to recognise the Numicon plates, counting to match them and swaping the pieces that are in the wrong places.  We  also da challenge to fill the boards with no spaces!

What can your child remember about the week?


Jump up, jump up, jump around.

In PE this term we will be using the apparatus.  Before we start getting the large boxes out we start by making sure we can jump and land safely using our knees to cushion our landing.

  Once we can jump on the ground we move to jumping off benches.  Over the week we will build up our confidence and start to climb and jump if taller and taller objects.


Read Write Inc.

This week the children have started learning their letter sounds. They learn them through the Read Write Inc program. This week they have learnt m, a and s. The children will bring the sounds home for homework next week. In a session the children learn to say the sound correctly, recognise the sound and write the sound. They think of items that begin with the sound they are looking at. What can you and your child think of that begins with m, a and s? 

If you are unsure how to pronounce a sound come in and ask an adult at school or loo at the following websites. Make sure you teach your child the sound.



Nuts and Screws

This week the children have been using the nuts and screws to improve their fine motor skills.  They have matched the screws to the correct nuts and then twisted them on.  This movement helps strengthen the children’s hands and fingers which will help with their writing as they progress.


Reading Books

Today, Tuesday, your child will bring home their reading book along with a reading record and explanatory letter.  Please read the letter carefully.  The books need to be returned to school every Tuesday so the books can be changed.  Please hear your child read daily if possible and write comments in the reading record.  The reading record has to be returned with the reading book.  Please encourage your child to look at the pictures and explain what they can see.


Book of the Week

This week we are reading the book Mr Gumpy’s outing. We have talked about what the title of a book is and what the author and illustrator do. The children have learnt about a blurb on the back of the book and how it gives us a little bit of information on the story. When reading books with your child encourage them to talk about these book features. Can they tell you what happened in the story? Which animals were in the story?

Later on in the week we are looking at different types of water transport. Can you and your child name any?

Our last book this week is Who sank the Boat. There are five animals who may sink the boat: a mouse, a pig, a sheep, a cow and a a horse. Can you and your child predict who sinks the boat?